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Moein on Hikers
nice shot !

Shaahin Bahremand on Hikers
so beauty shot well done

Mutsumi on Shoe shop
This is where I had my shoes repaired!

musadik on Umm Al Quwain Sheikh Zayed Mosque
mashaAllah the mosque is gud .i wish all of you to do better for the progress of islam all over the Globe

e11even on Hikers
this could be a background image in a magazine!

Tamara Tantrum on Hikers
Nice silhouettes!

Mutsumi on Hikers
Not "Heroes" but "Hikers" - looks like an ad for a new American TV series. Also it looks as if you ...

k@ on Hikers
Great family silhouettes !

Sof on Hikers
joli contre jour

KriKridesign on Pool
Agree with Hilda! this is beautiful!

Hilda on Pool
Awesome landscape!

Jeff on Street
Thanks, Dimitrios and Leif. If you'd like to explore, come on over! I'll show you the spot.

Leif Hagen on Street
An awesome street scene - I wish I could walk around there and explore! How about a photo inside the mosque??

Dimitrios, think positive. on Street
a fine simple and clear frame

Leif Hagen on Fort
Looks like an impressive castle or fortress! Does anyone live there?!

Siddiq on Mosque of Dabba, Oman
What a Pic

alex centrella on Flood
now that is cold !

leif Hagen on Flood
Oh boy, it looks like you could use a string of hot, sunny days! Uff da!

Tim on Sedimentary layers
i like the contours. also the little shadow at bottom, and the d.o.f. i like the time of day you took this.

Mutsumi on Crescent moon
This is stunning. I love it. Wonderful capture of beautiful moment. Good job, Jeff!!

Tim on Firey tree and hapless clouds
wonderful framing. incredible coloring. i like the silhouette. i like the time of day you took this.

zahra on Two ends of the morning sky

Gunn White on Waiting for Gotama
This is a SUPERB shot! Very nice, simple and the light/pattern make me say just... "Wow"! Well seen and well ...

Choedrak on Sunset
Yea, nice photo...

reza on Sunset
very good shot

Self-Indulgence on Sunset

Philip on Sunset
Nice sunset. Great sky colours.

Barbara Kile on Sunset
Beautifully composed and captured.

Shahryar on Sunset
nice capture :)

SupraSonic on Sunset
Spot on RAYS

Taija on Sunset
Well captured light rays.

Leif hagen on Umm Al Quwain Sheikh Zayed Mosque
What a magnificent, monumental mosque! Could we see inside, too? (hint, hint)

Hilda on Umm Al Quwain Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Looks massive and dainty at the same time. Happy New Year!

Dimitrios on Happy New Year
ecxellent and very fresh. All the best from Athens Greece, Dimitrios.

Marie on Happy New Year
très beau paysage.

Jeff on Bad Memories of Las Vegas
I was mummified.

leif Hagen on Bad Memories of Las Vegas
Did you "walk like an Egyptian?!"

Jeff on Happy New Year
Well, it is the same moon, but as it was shot on 28 December, not quite blue.

MK on Happy New Year
is that the much talked about 'blue moon'? Its a really nice shot

Stefan on Happy New Year

Amir Taheri Kondar on Happy New Year
fantastic. I love it.

kate on Happy New Year
~~stunning~~ ~~happy new year~~

Self-Indulgence on Hajjar Sunset
Beautiful! A wonderful 2010 to you!

Tim on Hajjar Sunset
wonderful shot! lovely colors and shades and shadows. well shot!!

Curly on Black and Blue
Absolutely superb strong foreground Jeff, set in wonderful light.

KriKridesign on Black and Blue

Mutsumi on Close Fortuner
No, he absolutely didn't ask me anything. I just simply thought the photos were taken so beautifully that they ...

Jeff on Get your beauty on
I'm sure they do!

leif Hagen on Get your beauty on
Fun to see the different beauty parlors! They look different than the ones in my city!

Jeff on Close Fortuner
For anyone just stopping by, I didn't ask her to write that. Really.

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